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To be honest fresh horse muck is more likely to scold my Grandad said. The yard has it removed my a farmer weekly so it never gets well rotted! I have thought about collecting some and bringing home but was unsure how long it would take before I could use. Any ideas??
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6 months before you can use it but you could store it in a little corner.

You could always get one of those dalek type compost bins and have a bin full of that, refill it and use it every 6 months or so.  If your garden is big enough, I'd  have a two for horse muck (one usable and one 'cooking'), and two or three compost bins for cardboard, peelings, annual weeds etc.  Again, one filling up, one cooking and one usable.  I'd also put a couple of lumps of horse poop in the fillling one as a compost activator, to get the whole thing going.  It's the right time of year to start one up, just as things are (hopefully) starting to warm up.

Brilliant idea but I just don't have space at all for that unless I put it at the front but was reserving this for raised veg beds. need more garden at the back of my house!
If you're worried about your onion sets, you could always cover them with fleece, or an old blanket, even newspaper. Just remember to take it off during the day.


They are up in the wall in my back garden, with my Hosta tubs, waiting for them to peep through! Hopefully if its a ground frost I will get away with it but will have a think if it snows. Ran out if garden tasks to do today, feels depressing now, back waiting to sow my courgette seeds!!

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