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What are these balls of moss? Liked the idea last year too, but no amount of googling has helped.

(While i'm here does anyone know about Ishikara Kazuyuki 'art grage' ? )




Don't know anything about IK.

Do know that the multi coloured plant on the left is Houttuynia, against advice I planted some a few years ago and they occasionally appeared. This year they have certainly appeared, spread by rhizomes and I'm going to have a right job getting it all out.


Togenkyo - A Paradise on Earth designed by Ishihara Kazuyuki won the award for Best Artisan Garden


The only moss balls I have found are for aquariums though I did come across a strange recipe:

Handful of moss

1 can of beer

half teaspoon of sugar

Put in a blender and blend just enough to break down the moss and then smear it over the ground or rock wherever you want it to grow. Keep moist. I am tempted to give it a try but OH won't be too happy to see the beer go

If its just simply stones covered in moss, I have a nice patch of moss I can try to transfer over some suitable stones...or maybe my sons footballs could go missing



I watched Chelsea on the iplayer today (I'm up to Thursday, I think) and they said something about being able to get the moss balls from florists as they use them.  Like MrsG, I've got plenty of moss hee hee


Yes, I too heard them say that you can get the moss balls from florists - I imagine that possible the more trendy city florists might be the ones to go to - don't think the nice lady in the little shop down the road has them. 


Thanks, but do we know WHAT they are? Is it a plant in itself (ok I know it's not but ... ) or a stone covered in moss? Is it temporary or a semi permanent feature? I find it intriguing. Will post some pics when I've had a go at covering stones or if I find any elusive info on the net. 


Ha ha ! Could be balls of clay/soil covered in moss... Kokedama...


Kokedama it is!  Found some demos on youtube yesterday.  They seem to have a special soil/peat/clay recipe and  put a plant into it, wrap with moss, tie it on and then hang it up. 

You could have any shape you wanted and just use the moss.  I haven't got the hang of posting links but there is a site in American which is a nursery specialising in moss (they don't ship to UK) which was worth a look.  Moss Acres.

The recipe I mentioned earlier seems best for clay pots, rock etc.


I have been out in the rain and put my own 'take' on this! Not as neat and perfectly formed but interesting to experiment. I lifted the moss and piled up rolled up 'mud' underneath. Also made a big ball by covering an old beach ball ! The moss needs to cover over the new mounds. Crazy but happy!


Yep, I guess the 'face' will be lost.

 Not sure these pictures have come out well enough, sorry.





Wow MrsG.  I'm just looking things up and thinking "that's interesting" and you are out there in the rain DOING it. Looking forward to seeing the results.

Hmmm, let's see what happens next! Think the plan will be changed though...

I made one for a shady corner of the garden from a hanging basket and liner filled with garden soil, packed tight, and upended. Then removed the basket and layered moss from the pavement over it before replacing the basket part and surrounding with smooth river stones. Three weeks later and the moss is still alive. Think it'll look lovely next year when the moss has grown through and hidden the basket cage.

Beaus Mum

Think you did great Mrs Garden, well done  Look forward to seeing how they develop 


Ooops they ended up annoying me so met with an untimely spade incident and made way for a tree.

Would love to see samf's !

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