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My toms and basil havebeen in the cold GH for a couple of weeks now. I'm not expecting a frost in the next few days but how low a temperature can they deal with without being set back? They're still small enough to be brought into the kitchen. Maybe won't leave room to prepare dinner but never mind.


...I think you are in East Anglia...??? the nights won't be too cold from what I can see.  I planted mine in cold greenhouse a week ago and they're growing away well, I checked the weather and couldn't see anything too severe on the horizon....  even if setback a bit they will catch up eventually....  and it's so warm in there on sunny days...


My tomatoes went into the cold frame to harden off a couple of weeks ago and it was 0° one night and I'd forgotton to put the lid on. Slight scorching of ends of top leaves, but they are fine and over a foot tall now.

I think in terms of a min of 8 degrees at night for tomatoes.  

I will be putting  mine into the greenhouse in the next couple of days. Mine are about 10" high so ready to plant out

I have some peppers amd chilli peppers.....I will put them into cold greenhouse too


Yes, am turning out some overwintered things from the GH to the cold frame to make room for peppers, tomatoes and so on - always a difficult time of year for protection this - you can get the odd very clear beautiful night with a plunge in temperature to match.  A few bits of horticultural fleece to hand is useful if things look dangerous.

One of our near neighbours grow the most incredible white calla lilies, they have been in their container for years - once she takes the covers off those I reckon we are pretty safe - she did it this week!



Thanks everyone. I'll leave them where they are unless something severe comes our way. I shouldn't think it will now.


Yes, east anglia Salino, if you're Fenland probably quite close

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