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Thankyou Sotongeoff


I saw some yesterday in a garden centre, including Cotton Cool, that were past their best and you might not be impressed. But don't let that put you off. They will be lovely again next March. 

thanks !


My mum was born in Ringwood

My pulmonaria seeds itself all over the garden.  I dig up ones that are in the wrong place and either move them or put them in pots to give away.  My dad put some of them in his front garden and they are doing well even though he has heavy clay and my garden is really sandy.  Shows they are not fussy about where they grow. 


One of my seedlings has produced white flowers. I am going to propagate it by division. I still think the blue / pink ones are the best though. 


billy nomates

Planted out 2 of my rose cuttings (climbers) and there doing well but I didn't label them so I will not know the colour untill they bloom next year can't wait I have lost some but I do still have 2 cuttings in pots not sure what to do with them.

Paul N

Give them to friends as gifts but really, don't be in any rush to get them into the ground. Rose roots take time to establish. I've cuttings which have flowered after 14 months but still won't put them in the ground for a few months yet.

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