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hi on tonights program monty had some cuttings what were they ? and also what was the " cool cotton plant "

many thanks


It's Pulomonaria Cotton Cool. We clocked it too. Ours suffer from mildew due to the site, and we liked the comment from Carol that her Cotton Cool doesn't suffer from mildew even though it is in full sun. 


I missed that! Must replay it. I wonder if he will join this board??

I did likewise having seen the programme - 12 cuttings - 9 have taken - Compassion, New Dawn, All that Jazz.  I thought I had taken them too soon - September - as it was a warm spell. I'll try some other roses this autumn. 

billy nomates

I did some rose cuttings and kept them in mt conservatory they have taken can I just put them outside now or should I wait abit?



The cuttings Monty  had  were Delphiniums.

@ billy nomates Would try acclimatising them (ie hardening off) before submitting them to the outside world.

I really liked tonight's show.  I've always loved pulmonarias and think Nigel is adorable.

Paul N

Billy Nomates

When did you take those cuttings? How did you take them? Were they planted outside or in pots? Cuttings take a long time to develop, and to be rugged enough to be planted out. All my cuttings are planted in pots with a 50/50 mix of compost and perlite. They then stay like that for a year before being planted in individual pots for a further year. Only after that would I consider them reading to go outside. A good root system takes time to develop.


Kate, Monty did transplant delphinium cuttings that he took a few weeks back, but he also showed rose cuttings taken last September and placed in a bed outside that are now in growth. 


You can put the rose cuttings outside now, keeping them in the same pot. I used to do that but the problem is that you now have to look after them all summer and make sure the pot does not dry out. Don't try potting on at the moment. I did that once after the cuttings had sprung into growth in spring, only to find that the roots were barely formed and delicate, so when I potted them on they rotted. You could pot them on in a month or two, and then put them in shade until they have settled down. 

Last September I did what Monty did - a 10" deep trench, sharp sand at the bottom, then 2" soil / compost,  10" cuttings as thick as a thick pencil, rooting compound, with just the top 3" showing above ground. I will leave them until autumn by which time they will have a strong root system ready for planting into their final sposition. 

I agree with you Koalagirl - Nigel is a star! Clearly loves gardening and Monty. His tail never stops wagging!
Paul N

Monty's tail never stops wagging?


Paul N

I am now recording and saving each and every GW programme onto the hard drive so I have something to watch next Winter


I'd like to adopt Nigel!


On this weeks episode, they visited a place called "Ringwood" in Hampshire where the lady was showing lovely ground covering plants does anyone know the name of these ? they were a small bell shaped flower purples, reds would really like to get some of these.