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... planted with the alliums? They looked very striking but my telly is so small I could not see properly! Anyone else spot them?


Which part of the programme do you mean?

joyce mannell

Outdoor girl was it the blue geraneum or the yellow flower which i dont know the name of I assume you mean from the gardeners world tonight 


They did contrast well with the purple alliums.


Tonights GW episode is on iplayer now, 16.24.



yes just finished watching it (actually watched last three, had a bit of a GWfest lol) and now I know the ones you mean.  Might have to dig out the encyclopaedia!



fireglow is a thug you have to be careful not to let it spread

both dixter and fireglow are invasive thugs.  not for a regular border.

Oh! Thanks for that ... don't really have the space for another thug.. we already have too much white comfrey, white willow and weeds! Ta anyway.

joyce mannell

I replied to this yesterday but cant see it so weres it gone

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