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Hi Everyone, Has anyone taken the plunge yet and started growing annual flowers from seed this season. I'm itching to get on with it but most folk I know are waiting unit March. Got my eye on some dahlias (and I have a heated propagator) but will definitely hold off on the sweet peas for now.

I was going to see what the weather looked like in a couple of weeks. I don't do tender and not many half hardy but I'm still not going to rush


I start sowing annuals in March. I have 3 little heated propagators and a cold greenhouse with a sand filled frame with a warming wire in it, where I put the baby plants once they are up. I've found that if you sow too early plants can go leggy from not enough light and unless you heat the greenhouse (expensive) you may lose plants if there is a very cold night.

But sweetpeas are hardy and it's best to sow them in autumn or February to give them a good start. But the young plants will need some protection, such as cold frame, cold greenhouse or porch.

Oakley Witch
I sowed lobelia about a week ago in the house an they are up. So is my cornflower and my sweat peas which i planted in the greenhoue (unheated) about 3 weeks ago.

Am about to get the big paraffin heater going in the greenhouse and sow a whole lot of stuff. This is the first spring I've had the GH so am looking forward to experimenting


hollie hock

I've already sowed a few annuals,started them off inside and they are now outside in the cold frames, seem to be doing ok

Would think it depends on what part of the country you are in.  I'm just about to start my first batch of sweet peas & some brasicas, the rest I'll leave for another 2-3 weeks.

I've got toms, peppers, mange tout, broad beans and sweet peas coming up. If I stop sneezing for long enough, planning on sowing peas, Brassicas, calendula and maybe some coriander in the heated propagator this weekend. Lovely to see things starting isn't it?
Right, I'll start gently this weekend then and do the sweet peas too. It's nearly 10 degrees today (east Anglia) and sunset is after 5pm now but I'm ready to react to the cold. Thanks all!

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