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Thanks, sotongeoff, for your advice. Why I haven't planted them till now is immaterial, but probably also obvious: RAIN, CHRISTMAS, TIME   I just noticed I had the same question as someone else on this forum today, which was a bit of luck. Wasn't aware I'd have to justify my time on this forum though !


THanks, Shrinking Violet, sounds like sound advice !


Leorna-you don't -but if you buy bulbs they need planting-why so sensitive -it was a simple question!!

We all had Christmas after all

Just a thanks would have done

Shrinking Violet

Geoff - you know only too well that your expertise is respected on this board.  I think that Leorna read more into your post than was intended. 

For personal reasons I have been in the background on this board for a while.  I hope that it doesn't end up resembling the worst of the old Beeb nonsense!

So - come on guys - we don't need to take offense where none was intended.  I tried to offer advice based on personal experience.  That's be beauty of these boards - we offer advice that we have found works for us, even if it's not exactly textbook!


Pax!  Peace!  Shalom?????

Oh, and Happy New Year!


You are right it shouldn't and rarely does-just found it and odd- and must admit rather rude thing to say

-Happy Christmas


I don't think I will be bothering with this board in future. Sorry, but you guys have put me off. I was simply joining in on the back of a thread about late planting of bulbs - so clearly I knew I was late in planting my bulbs. I don't need someone I don't know admonishing me for that, however mildly meant - it's neither here nor there and why I haven't done something is no one else's business - if I want that kind of personal response, I can go to my family ! I was simply asking for impartial advice. I thanked sotonGeoff for his advice but it's up to me whether I comment on the other point he made, which I found unnecessary. It's my first time here, I wouldn't dream of making such a patronising remark to someone I don't know and I don't need  someone else chipping in on my behalf before I have even had the time to respond, however well meant.

Have a nice time on here, the rest of you, but this is the kind of hassle I can well do without.

hollie hock

I planted some half price daffs, tulips and crocus yesterday all into pots. They might be a bit late to flower but I don't mind. Once they have done their stuff I'll lift them and plant them in the garden (particulary the crocus) for a show the following year.

I planted mixed Spring bulbs in pots last year and I did Daffs at the bottom, then Tulips then Crocus, had a good show

Thanks, Hollie Hock, that's encouraging - will follow suit.



sotongeoff wrote (see)

Leorna-you don't -but if you buy bulbs they need planting-why so sensitive -it was a simple question!!

We all had Christmas after all

Just a thanks would have done

  How many times have gonna tell you!

 Oh i was only asking mmm!




Dont worry Leorna, on occasion I have had a similar reaction to a post. Some people seem to be perfect and quick to judge others, they do not take into account other factors which you may not put in your threads (because it isnt really relevant to others). All you are doing is asking for some helpfull advice. If some people come across in a bad way then they are just showing themselves up and ignore it... There are plenty of people here who are more than happy to help. BTW, I saw a video once that said planting daff bulbs throughout Nov-Feb will also stager the flowering periods, so you should have flowers later into the year. I'm not sure if this works with all bulbs though (probably not).. 


Planted up 12 large pots of tulip & daff bulbs today. A few daff bulbs had gone soft & squidgy so I discarded those. But most had sprouted and looked like they wanted to grow.

Thanks again.


They will certainly grow as long as they haven't gone "soft and squidgy". All they need is 8 weeks cool to be sure and we're unlikely to get any warm weather soon! I planted quite a lot of tulips last year and they were a little shorter than they should have been but otherwise were lovely. As someone else mentioned, the daffs might not make it this year but given they come back year after year you can look forward to them for next year. 



Gary Hobson
flowerbulbsrus wrote (see)
.. All they need is 8 weeks cool to be sure and we're unlikely to get any warm weather soon!

That's the important thing.

Daffs (and hyacinths) need a period of cold.

I don't know exactly how long they need, or how cold it needs to be. I saw somewhere that daffs need 3 months with temperatures below 10C.

Commercial flower growers actually force daffs by putting the bulbs into cold storage, from July-September, so they can get flowers from November and through to March, when the natural crop begins. There's an interesting and very readable article about commercial daff production in the UK here:

Thanks, DiscoDave for your kind words and advice and thanks to the other contributors since then, too. It's great to get such useful advice. I will be cutting and pasting it into a file in my gardening folder! X


Your welcome, I have to honestly say, that this site is great and so are the people that use it. You may tend to find that occasionally an expert might appear to be snapping or asking sharp questions. But in most cases its because they might need more info to help and just word it offly. Alot of people on here have ALOT of experience and will put most of us to shame but also there are alot of newbies here that may not now simple basics and just asking for some friendly help. Stick with us and we will all make England more beautifull than ever..


That's reassuring to know, Discodave. I have some experience - all self-taught/read/experienced through trial and error. I find gardening is one of those areas of life which is bewildering and complex - something you either have to have learned through study or many years of experience to be truly good at it. We try to make the most of our small and awkward garden, and we have an allotment away from home, which we built up to a good level last year and then lost everything we planted last season due to the rain. We got very disheartened and are having to start moreorless from scratch again, this year. We both work full-time and have other commitments so find it hard to do all the things you should do at the time we are supposed to do it. Thanks for your encouragement, though - I will stick with this forum - I certainly have found the GW site to be one of the best, I just get fed-up with the way some people behave on user group forums, it seems to be more about the people than the reason why you want to interact, some times. That's usually the reason why I give up on inter-acting in the end, but I will stick with this and just ignore the personal elements.


What about allium bulbs??  I bought some large ones before all the dreadful weather, so didn't get round to planting them - also it says to plant them 8" down, which will be very difficult in my clay soil.  Any ideas? (they are not suitable for planting in pots, apparently).


I have just read that although you may not get flowers this year, you may be aswell to plant them in pots so that they dont rot. They dont like getting waterlogged. I am not an expert on these so cant advise properly, I must say though, I did want some of these in the garden this year so may end up buying ones that are flowering from a garden centre in the spring (alot more expensive). 


Rozzy- If the bulbs are still firm & not soft & mouldy, just get them into any old MP compost into a deep pot. Otherwise they wont flower at all this year.

Plastic flower buckets from Morrisons are dirt cheap, need holes drilling but about 8/9 for 99p ish. Ask in the cutflower/plant section.

Then when your soil does dry out you can put them where you want. J.

dizzylizzy wrote (see)


Best time to plant tulips is December, so they will flower great this year is you can plant them now!  Only a week into January so go for it!

According to the RHS the best time to plant Daffs is August and September and November for Tulips