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Hi I planted a Buddleja last June in my garden which I am slowly renovating. I was advised to cut it back each year as I don't have much space, but it wasn't that big in the winter so I left it not realising how much it would grow! It's now huge and taking over the flower bed. Can I still prune it now without preventing it from flowering?

thanks for your help



Don't prune it right back but take it back a reasonable amount to suit your needs - cutting just above side shoots. You could leave  longer branches at the back of the bush which are (hopefully) not causing a problem so you get a layered effect. The shrub will probably flower later or you will get staggered and therefore a longer flowering period if you don't cut back all the stems. Hope this makes sense...


...and then cut it back hard in the Autumn to stop the wind rocking it all winter. I cut mine back to within 30 cm (1') of the ground.

Thank you both for your advice 

I prune buddleias during the summer too.....let me explain.  

After the main flower spikes are over I cut back to new shoots.  These produce further flowers.  Do this throughout the summer for repeat flowers.  

Katie, yes if you prune now before flowering you will lose those flowers but removing fading flowers will help your bush more manageable

Now you know how vigorous it is just remember to prune as hard as you like...autumn or achieve a moderately tall flowering plant in future summers.  E.g. My buddleias are now 6' plus from a cut back in early spring to about 2'.

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