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Hi folks, i have an acer that i bought last year, that i put in a pot 3 times the size of the pot it came in. It has grown loads already and keeps topolling over. Is it too late to put it in a bigger pot? Any advice would be grately appreciated! 


To cut a long story short - nope !!

Alina W

It's never too late to pot something on. If it's too big for the pot, it needs potting on. The only possible exception is the depths of winter when it's not growing.

It will live in the pot you have it in - mine have lived for years in the same pot. it sounds like you need to tie it down. get it into the right size pot that suits you and put some weight into it. I have pebbles on the surface but this doesn't always work and it does fall over........maybe the weight needs to be at the bottom of the pot.....I need to follow my own advice....get some weight into it......!

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