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Is it possible to take cuttings from Torquay Palms?   I lost both my palms in the harsh winter but now have a total of 15 growing from the base of two plants!   Can anyone help as I feel that this number of plants growing in one place will be a tad dangerous with high winds etc.,

Alina W

You are best waiting until spring, when you can try digging up one of the shoots to see if it has roots and going from there.

Niggycat, are these 15 growing from the base of the 2 palms you "lost"? If so, you can rub out or remove them to make say 3 shoots from each base. They sound quite small?? If so, I would wrap fleece around them when weather gets colder. Often palms are "killed" over winter but,actually survive,below ground to send up shoots later

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