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Hi everyone,

I am in need of a little advice, I am looking for a good trailing perennial evergreen. I am wanted something to flow down a set of steps at a hight of about 5 feet.

Flowers would be a plus, and white flowers would be even better,I am looking for something with good coverage and plenty of foliage for year round greenery.

Any thoughts?



Chris, are you talking about a shrub or rambling climber?

could I interlace Ivy in the same display to ensure think coverage? I would be growing in pots.




Have you scrolled down and looked at the pictures of clematis Avalanche?  Don't think they come much thicker than that!

I wouldn't plant ivy in with another climber - it'll grow all over it, cut the light off from it and take over totally.

If you want ivy put some in another pot but keep it from growing over the other trailing plants!


I too would like a trailing plant but to go in a 6x2 metre trough preferably evergreen for winter colour but obviously not too rampant because space is limited.

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