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Hi All,

I'm a newbie with a very small balcony.  I have just been giving a chimney pot (which I will put a pot into) and am looking suggestions for a nice evergreen plant that will trail over the side.  I'm in London with a west facing balcony.

Ideally something that's quite hardy and that will add a splash of colour during the summer?

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!


Thanks, Marie


buddleia will grow in or on chimney pots. You don't even have to take them off the roof


I have a variegated ivy in mine.  It's hardy, evergreen and there are some really pretty colours and leaf shapes available.  Mine grows so vigorously I have to chop it back every spring.  I don't need to water mine either as it seems to manage without.  It is on gravel though and hasn't been moved for years, so I suspect its roots have gone down into the soil.  I guess you would have to water yours more regularly

I grow convolvulous maritima in a chimney pot.  Maybe not evergreen but semi evergreen and cascades to the ground with velvety lavender blue flowers all summer



Has to be this one...

 Veronica umbrosa 'Georgia Blue' Flowers Spring AND Summer. I just love it  

how about a trailing clematis/


Try a trailling Heucherella

A vinca, perrriwinkle. There are some nice variegated forms, blue or purple flowers

I am in love with the wall; a tall chimney pot - in front - with something cascading would be perfect. The wall is north facing so my plant options are pretty narrow. An ivy would be pretty robust?


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