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i have an alley which has the house gable to one side which faces north and a wall starting at 1 metre and leading up to 2.5m on the other.

on the side with the low wall i have a narrow strip of soil which i plan to plant hellebores, pulmonarias etc, however i need some suggestions for trailing plants to cover the ugly concrete wall.

Again I would give a vote for Vinca Minor.

Some of the Lamiums have lovely foliage and are ground cover

Pam x

thanks for that will look into both of those... i dont however want anything too invasive, will that be a problem with these?


There are clematis that like shade and can be trained up walls if you give them some trellis or just a set of rows of wire about a foot/30cms apart and stretched taught across vine eyes.  Have a look at the text search facility on this site - - to find ones that ill be the right size and colour and maybe evergreen if you're not too cold.

If you can't afford such supports or aren't allowed, or don't want, to use them, then have a look at ivy with variegated golden or cream foliage as this will self cling and, being evergreen, will work all year round and brighten up the corner and provide shelter for insects.  

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