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Hello all,  can anyone identify the tree that this leaf is from.  Sorry it's a bit wizened, it is November.  The edges are cut virtually to the centre of the leaf.  The tree isn't very old (about 6 years?) and is about 12ft high (when will I get with the decimal system!!).


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Really need more info.

It is very hard to id a tree from a single leaf.

What shape is it...tall and thin or wide spreading?

Is it a tree that  is pendula/weeps?

What are the buds like?

Are the leaves alternate or opposite?

Has it had any flowers?

Does it have any seeds/fruits?

Does it have any autumn colour?

etc etc.

This is just a suggestion Alnus glutinosa imperialis.

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Wow Silver Surfer.  Firstly, I think you're spot on with you ID - thank you.  But next time I will make a note of the things you mentioned and give more information.  I did have a look in my DG Hessayon book but it only showed the rounded Alnus leaf so I didn't realise there was a cut leaf version.  Does Alnus glutinosa imperialis have any features that I could look out for next Spring or Summer just to double check your ID?

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This tree is rather hard to give verbal  id clues.

It is a rather sparce leafed ..delicate looking.

We had one but it was too young to have catkins etc.

It is a tree that is very happy in damp ground.

Maybe you could look round the larger better garden centres to see if they have one for sale...and compare to your tree.

Excellent idea. Many thanks for your help.

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