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Hi we have this tree growing in the garden (new house) , i`m not sure if its possible to identify without any leaves , does anyone have any idea what it could be



star gaze lily

Could be a Prunus...... flowering cherry.




I don't know what it is, but from the way it is breaking from the maim stem I think you have a brute there, I think it will be a huge thing in time.  

I think your right, I'll post another picture once the leaves are out,  thank you 

Lion S

Star gaze lily is right, it's a Prunus. The glossy bark of one of the stems indicates it's Prunus serrula. 

It'll grow very wide, if you let it. Should you want to prune it, don't  take out stems that are over 8 cm in diameter, as these will start to rot away quite easily. Prunus' should be pruned in late Summer to prevent Silver Leaf.


Thanks for the advice, can't wait to see it bloom 

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