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Tree identification an downsizing

Need to get a young tree under control but need to identify it first

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I have had this young tree in my garden since purchasing the property. I don't know what it is, and its size is becoming a worry. I need some help to identify it so i can figure out the correct time of year to cut it. I'd also like to know if I need a tree surgeon for this or if its a small/simple enough job for me to do myself without killing the tree.

The tree has three trunks which meet at ground level. Old stumps suggest its been cut down to size previously. The rest I guess is best seen by looking at the images. Please let me know if there's any more pictures/info I need to add to this post.

Thanks very much for any help/responses, all much appreciated

Papi Jo

Eucalyptus. I personally consider it a pest and advise uprooting as soon as possible.  

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Silver surfer

It is Eucalyptus sp.

A fast growing tree that will get enormous .

Not a good tree for a small garden.

Be careful of any drain/water pipes in the area.

Unless you have a huge garden I would recommend cutting it down and killing the stump to prevent regrowth.


A bit unfair IMO.

I have several which I grow as small shrubs, coppicing each year, keeps them to 3-4 feet by the end of the season.

The blue juvenile foliage is most wellcome.



I agree with Punkdoc ... coppice it this winter and do it every year as he does (it will be easier after the initial big job) and you'll have wonderful foliage as a backdrop to your flowers and to use indoors in flower arrangements.  


I've got one too, and was thinking of trying to tame it!

How do you go about coppicing one?

Many thanks!

Thanks all, will take a look at that coppicing advice and give it a go!

The neighbour at my previous house had one and hired a bodger to come and coppice it.  It looked dreadful after that so I'd recommend getting a proper tree surgeon to do the first pruning job if you can afford it and then you'll be able to keep it looking good yourself.  I agree, the new growth is very attractive.

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