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I have admired a tree on my drive home for a number of years now. I would like to obtain one for my garden.

It is deciduous, and quite compact. It does not appear to grow too tall.

I had through it may be a small horse-chestnut, but the leaves appear much later.

I have taken a some photos of the tree and leaves.

If anyone can identify, it would be appreciated.






Its not a horse chestnut or chestnut.


Never seen one less like a sweet chestnut or horse chestnut. Is it a lime?


Doesn't look like a British native - some sort of ornamental?  does it flower?  What colour are the leaves in autumn?


The tree is on a public grass verge. Possibly someone may have planted as an ornamental tree?

The tree does not flower, From memory the leave do colour in autumn before dropping.

I can see where a lime may be as possibility, but the leaves appear more elongated.

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