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how easy is it to grow tree lillies from seed?


It isn't-growing lilies from seed is a long wait perhaps 4 years or so-stick to growing them in the normal way from bulbs-those may produce offsets and propogation is normally done in that way.

I see, it's just I had seen the swollen seed pods and just wondered if it would work, thanks anyway.



Yes it will work, but indeed you will have quite a long wait - you will get grassy type leaves next year, these growing bigger until the plant is mature enough to flower - by which time it will have grown a 'bulb' big enough for it to use.  I have popped seeds in the ground (of ordinary lilies not the tree types) and been pleasantly surprised a few years later when a new lily comes into flower.  I just put them in by the fence and forgot about them, it seemed to work then!  To do it properly with slowly enlarging pots will take years - but oh, how satisfying.  It is of course what the breeders of new lilies must do - maybe you could grow a new hybrid and make a fortune - or maybe not!



Well, that is interesting - I was joking, had no idea - but I suspect that is a good idea on their part. 

I'll give it a go and see what happens, after all that's what gardenings all about. Thanks for the advice

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