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Hi all, I'm looking to purchase some of these for this year. Can anyone recommend a good supplier?

Mark 499

I had some nice ones from JParkers recently


I always thought that tree lilies were a marketing trick? They are just larger varieties of lily that takes years to grow large enough to grow tall enough to be 'tree' like?


is that so? They are still pretty impressive nonetheless


No they are not a marketing trick, they grow huge in their second year, pretty tall in their first year too


Mark 499

 These were mine in their second year about 4' tall


I've had them from several of the well know suppliers (some were free) and all grew OK - about 4 foot the first year and 5-6' in subsequent years.  The only issue I've had is that there is more foliage to check for those bl**dy lily beetles!

Tree Lillies............a bargain from T&M a couple of years ago.  5 foot or so in their second year.  Can't moan about them to be honest


I bought some a few years back and for about 4ft at most then faded. I think the highly scented smaller varieties (which grow 3ft) are far superior.

Trees are not 4-5 ft tall, a small shrub is, tree is just a marketing term and most of the suppliers have very select pics of them to temp people into buying in to that marketing.


I have had the triple offer. The plain yellow ones go from strength to strength, 6 ft tall and stems like broomsticks. The red ones do not seem as strong. The striped one has faded away. I have ordered some of the double ones for this year. My garden needs big punctuation points, the little ones get lost. Everybody commented on the amount of perfume they pump out.

Mark 499

It's only T&M that refer to them as tree lillies , they are also called Skyscraper lilllies, Goliath Lillies etc depending on the supplier.


I ordered Goliath Bulbs from JParkers. Lets hope they live up to expectations =)

I've not grown these before, but I am tempted, any advice on how sharp the drainage needs to be. I have a dry, and I mean dry, sunny bank. Rosemary thrives there as do other sun/dry loving perennials. If it's too dry I'll go for pots, but I was looking for something tall and fragrant as it's right by the back door.


Gorgeous Bill.  Do you have to stake them?  Or are they tied to the fence perhaps.




I find they like Acidic Soil and good moisture retention Dave. They are perfect in large containers. Ive been successful using this method for years

Some Ive had for years below


Mark 499

Forester2 the tree lillies don't need staking , they have very strong stems.

otnorot but just call me Bill

Forester like Mark says the stems are like tree trunks,no need for staking. The blooms are very large.


Bubba Ray

 6ft in the 2nd year. Got mine from a Lily specialist when I went to Tatton Park Flower show.

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