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I have read about sewing directly into soil and leaving undisturbed for a few years & the 90 days in fridge, 90 days in heat methods. Has anyone been successful in growing from gathered ripe seed and if so how long before the new plant flowered.


I have and it takes  about 4  to 5 years before they are ig enough to flower.


Thank you. Which germination method did you use ?


I put a couple of ripe seeds in multi purpose and left in cold greenhouse over winter. One has germinated and is looking strong. Guess I'll just have to wait a few years for it to flower.


It's a long wait but they're pretty reliable germinators. If you can get fresh seed they usually put up a shoot in the first spring. Bought, stored seed sometimes just puts down a root the first spring and shoots up the second.

I sow mine in a pot when they're ripe, put them outside with grit on top and wait.



nutcutlet I'm pleased it has germinated and will put it outside when it warms up, don't want it going into shock. Didn't really need one but love to try germinating stuff. Do you know if Exochorda seeds will germinate and grow on well ? I love the shape of those seeds and "The Bride" is one of my fav' shrubs when in flower, pretty boring rest of time but I'll excuse it. 

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