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And its been blowing w howling gale and heavy rains and hailstones all day long.

Over the yrs its been snapped with the strong winds .

And so many times today I have picke dup my pots of tulips.





Someone is telling me my Tree Peony is a Tulip tree but I thought they were 2 different trees.

Can anyone tell me .



They are 2 different trees scotkat. A photo will tell us which you've got.



Quite different.  A tulip tree is a Liriodendron and is a forest tree.  A tree peony is a larger version of a peony and does not make wood so not a true tree but a perennial /shrub which grows to about 8ft at most.  I have both.  I will post some pictures.A tulip tree will flower at about 15 years old.  this is tree peony "Flame"



seen at the Garden House Devon last June.  the leaves of the tulip tree are very distinctive with a "biteout of the top.  they have a tulip flower shape'



Here is my tulip tree, about 25 years old, on May1st this year just opening its leaves. whereas my tree peonies have big fat buds already.  The tulip tree will be covered in its beautiful yellow flowers end of June.


Thankyou Marion I was sure I was right .

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