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Hi. I have two lovely tree peonies and wondered if anyone had tried growing new ones from seeds.  Last autumn I had a glut of black seeds which were very hard 'cased' and wondered if these had to be scored to help germination. 


They can be grown from seeds, but there are people here with far more knowledge on the subject than me, so I would wait for them to see your question.


no scoring required, sow them as soon as the pods open to reveal the black seeds inside. Gritty compost, more grit on top, leave outside somewhere shady, they will germinate in spring. Don't be tempted to apply heat or mess about with fridges or anything else that you may hear about. This is what the paeony does and it works

Bought seed has gone dormant and may take 2 winters to put up a shoot

Can I use vermiculite instead of grit?


Tree peony grown from seed by a friend.  Now three years old.


Wow, that looks impressive!

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