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Bunny ...
I have a fairly tall tree possibly 10+ year old planted by previous owner but I don't know what it is. Slim tree , small green leaves in summer but turn almost black? And yellow in autumn before falling . I'm trying to find out about pruning it...whatever 'it' is .
Bunny ...
I know ... Wish I had . As it is now wont help . Looked in books and can't see it .
flowering rose

not a silver birch?what is the bark like?


Bunny ...
No I have birch , just grey bark . I shall look through old house build pics and see if I can find anything with it on . There are some on my pad but won't load bigger.


Bunny ...
small leaves...not much help there I know

Bunny tomorrow take a picture -it might be recognisable from the branch formation-or someone may have one in their garden in an identical stage


and get a close up of the buds.

Can't think of anything that starts green, goes black, then yellow though

nutcutlet wrote (see)

Can't think of anything that starts green, goes black, then yellow though

A bruise?


Do you remember any flowers or berries? 

Bunny ...

Tree when out at rear fence to field.


 Last week


I shall venture outside brrrrrrr in a moment and get close up of bark and any buds, no flowers and berries cant think of any.

Reminds me of birch but , but doesnt... it would be native previous owner tree obsessed




Could it be a beech tree? They have smooth grey bark. Or an alder? Otherwise, wait til the leaves are out and send another pic.


I thought beech. really need to see leaves though Bunny. Are the leaves like this:

Bunny ...

No not beech, i have i whole front of 40ft beech.

Ive been looking aspen ....with black leaf disease  when leaves appear i may tell.


Bunny did it have any berries of any kind on it