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Hi Everyone

I will be loosing two  trees in the picture du to it damaging the boundry wall.


I am looking for a possible potted tre/shrub (so the wall isnt damaged again) to replace for privacy/attraction & to hang bird feeders

Bird feeding is very important to me as since moving in last June we have some regular cusomers

I dealy evergreen, but would welcome ideas of a replcament.



Gosh! will you be removing some of that decking 

Yes all of it, hate it


Little update.  I am thinking of going for bamboo.

Will this grow in pots?  Also what type could be recomended?

Height wise will be about 8ft



Gary Hobson

Yes, bamboo is an ideal plant for growing in pots. Most bamboos are also evergreen. Many of them fan out quite nicely and would look good against that fence.

You wouldn't be able to hang bird-feeders from them. But you can easily support bird feeders in other ways. Birds are not too keen on landing on bamboo because it doesn't have any strong horizontal branches. But it's a good screening plant.

You just need to find a suitable variety.

Phyllostachys aurea seems to be very popular. It can grow quite large, but if planted in a pot, then that will constrain the growth.


Have you had a look under the decking yet Frozz? Just wondering what you'll find


lifted few planks and its mud and hardcore.

Under that who knows. Fingers crossed for a patio lol


Can't be worse can it? A friend moved to a garden like that, left it as it was and is now beginning to fall through the boards. A patio sounds a good plan, you can use the hardcore for a base.

its very dangerous.  Board are uplifting and all sorts.



Can anyone recomend a type of bamboo?  I have looked around and confused as to which type I should get.  It will most likeley be in post idealy arround 8ft high

Also would i need to secure it for when it is windy?



Lyon greene has recommended one earlier.

Bamboos don't need staking, they thrash around in the wind, get weighed down by snow, then stand up again. The pot might need securing, unless you get a good heavy one or put something heavy in the bottom (engineering bricks?)

Thanks - didnt spot lyons comment :/


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