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Hello all,

The tree in the middle of the first shot, and the leaves and husks of the second are from a twig that I found in the soil three years ago - I didn't plant it, literally found it there and thought I'd leave it.

It's grown this big from something I didn't even notice 3/4 years ago.

The identification sites seem to tell me it's a willow - anyone else know anything about it?  Shall I pull it up?




A willow it is. Unless you want an enormous tree or a pollarded/coppiced one I'd get rid of it.

DO they go humungous?  There seems to be a lot of varieties of Willow, so it's hard to tell.


If it's done that in 3 or 4 years I'd say it's a big one. There are a lot. I don't know what that one is, just going on what it's done so far. 

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