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Dordogne Damsel

Anyone any idea what this might be? It is a small tree/large shrub and has these strange gnarled looking 'fruit' all on it?



It looks a little like my chestnut, have you cut open a fruit?

The leaves look more like a magnolia. Did it have flowers on earlier on in the year?

I also think the foliage looks like Magnolia. None of my Magnolias have ever set fruit so I have no idea what they look like. Try "googling" Magnolia fruit to look at what they look like.



That is a Magnolia. I suspect when the fruit casings go brown, and pop, the seeds inside will be a startling red....


But as to variety....


It sounds as if you have just moved house and not seen the shrub in flower?


Hah... wait until early spring. Breathtaking!

Dordogne Damsel

Thank you very much - we moved here in April and it was heavily buried under roses, nettles and geraniums, so certainly didn't see it in flower! Something to look forward to next year. Thanks again.

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