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Hello bob. Lead the goodlife have a problem - they are overstocked with plants that didn't sell and which they are going to be stuck with until the autumn.

So they are now trying to persuade you to make their problem your problem, and all you have to do is send them some money in order to relieve them of their problem.

Gardeners have enough problems without taking in waifs and strays in the belief that all they need is a good home and that home is yours. We have all done it. We have all   thought that a bargain is a bargain.

Save your money up and buy a happy, healthy, in season plant.

Having looked at the sight I suspect they are linked to Thompson&Morgan, same prices some similar pictures.


and think of the time from digging up to re-planting for trees in leaf in mid May


Lead the good life is the new name for garden bargains .com

I bought a cherry tree from them that produced pear flowers. When I complained I was told I could keep the peach tree(what peach tree?) and they replaced my potted stella cherry with a bare root cherry six months later. Not worth the aggro.

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