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 Growing to about 4ft, silver-grey leaves with prickles ans a thistle like flower emerging at top of stem, unknown colour as yet not flower. Looks amazing but no idea as to name. Please help!


Looks like a globe artichoke to me but I only ever grew one once and then it disappeared so my memory could be having a blip.

Gary Hobson

To my mind, that looks more like an Onopordon.

If the leaf edges are at all prickly, then it's Onopordon.


Could be an Eryngium, possibly giganteum.


Thanks Auntiemaid and Robot, I've checked your ideas but I don't think it is.  Gary, I think you're onto something, I'll know better when it flowers, thankyou!

I really wish it was, Leggi, alas, I think not,

I agree with Cynara cardunculus : )

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