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Dear all,

i have seen a geranium which is popular as ground cover. It's low to the ground spread like a weed, the flowers are a pinkish purple and the leaves light mid green. I keep buying geraniums in the hope that I've got the right one and although I have a garden full of lovely geraniums....I still don't have the ground cover one I want. Any ideas ????

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There are hundreds/if not thousands  of species and named cultivars of hardy Geraniums.

Even with a pic to show the leaf shape and flowers, id would be difficult to be 100% accurate.


From your description, I'd guess it's one of the macrorrhizum geraniums - maybe Bevan's Variety?



Can you get a pic? and how low is low?

I will try to get a pic. I see it in a garden nearby..


If it's a ground cover type geranium you could perhaps beg a piece


I have a couple of geraniums that ground cover at about 3 or 4 inches, then the one figrat mentions at 9" to a foot

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