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We used to have a wonderful shrub but it seemed to just outgrow it's self.  It was silver leafed, kept the leaves all year and had small, quite vivid blue flowers at the leaf joints along the stems.  It flowered almost all year round and grew to be about 4 ft high and 5 - 6ft across.  I bought it from a small out of the way nursery and have never seen it anywhere else.  It was my all time favourite shrub along with varigated eunonymous and have been looking for the name of it for a few years now. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Do you have a picture of it anywhere you could post?

Hebe Quicksilver has silvery leaves and blue flowers.  I regularly pruned mine but I guess it would have flowered all year round

Teuchreums are silvery shrubs with blue flowers....I have one, the name escapes me, that has bright blue flowers.  So check out teuchriums and hebes.


Thanks for the replies.  Unfortunately I don't think I have a photo of it anywhere.  Definitely not a Hebe.       Cannot find any pictures or even descriptions of Teuchriums on here so far but possibly a Fruiticans going by description in one of our books so will try looking a bit more.


Will come back on here with an update.


Thank you.


hi Doris, no 'h' in Teucrium. Try it like that.



Here is a teucrium fructicans.


Has my reply disappeared?   So pleased to say that yes, that is what it is/was and will be looking for one to buy asap.   Thank you so much for your help.  Have a good weekend.


I still cannot recall the name of my Teuchrium.....I usually remember or have the label....but it is silvery white with bright blue flowers, now beginning to form.  "azure" rings a bell as part of its name.  I know it to be a dwarf form and much more silvery leaves than normal.  

I have a feeling I had it on line.

I found one that was named Azurem or similar which I was going to order but the postage was almost £20. Didn't mind the £11.99 for the plant itself. Have settled for the regular one and ordered a 1 litre off Ebay in the end for £8 something in total.  Will look out for the better one but it is only available from a handful of nurseries on the RHS stockist list.


Very happy to have found out what it was and looking forward to replacing the one we lost.   Thank you so much for your help.

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