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Alina W

Sorry, your question isn't showing?

Oops not sure what I did wrong there!! I grew tulips in pots for the first time this year and am not sure what I do with them from now on. I saw Monty take his out of the pots to dry on Friday's programme. Do I need to bring them inside ( I don't have a greenhouse) and how are they best stored - will the shed be ok? Also can they be replanted in pots for next year or do they need to go into the ground?
Alina W

Let the leaves die down and then dig them out and let them dry off thoroughly, then store somewhere like a dry shed, hanging in nets (mice love them).

You can re-plant into pots or the garden but, if the tulips that you grew were fancy ones, the chances are that you won't get many flowers next year - they need to be treated as one-off displays. If they were the plainer tulips though, the chances are that you will be OK.

Thanks for the advice. I'll try hanging them in the shed. I,ve got two cats so hopefully the mice won't get a look in. I'll try them in the pots again as they are fairly plain.

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