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anthony mcglen

hi all

as you know i am new to gardening,two years ago i got some tulip bulbs and planted them in sets of three bulbs per hole and they all flowered.

so today doing some gardening i went to deep and dugup the tulip bulbs in one place

so went to put them back and found more and then even more i got forty bulbs out in this one spot and most of the bulbs are two inches in size going to put else were in the garden now for next year.

Anthony, Tulips are nowhere as reliable as daffodils for continuing to flower year after year.    Hope you are lucky with yours! 


That's great Anthony. I have tulips coming up year after year from predecessor and have lived here 17 years now.

anthony mcglen

update on my tulips the ones that i move back in august 2913 have all come up this yeat and every one has a flower on it i am so happy got a line of them up my back path.


Great, what colour are they?



The species tulips will come up every year and flower and flower.  I have a yellow tulip that is on my Roll of Honour for fifty years service in my garden.  It was here when i came fifty years ago and still going strong. - not very tall and yellow.

anthony mcglen

hi all . happymarion wow you got tulips still going after fifty years i do hope mine do that . My first tulips to fower are red ,i also havesome black almost but have not opened yet


Hi Marion, I have some yellow and some red which have been going since I moved here over 30 years ago but they are still in their nappies compared to yours!

Ashleigh 2

Sarah Raven says if you plant tulips really deep, 30cm deep on a 5cm base of grit they are more likely to come back year after year as they are less likely to try to reproduce. I might give that a try for next year, I'm not overly keen on species tulips.

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