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I can't generally keep tulips in the garden. The resident rodents - both earth bound and tree dwelling - treat them as a handy snack 

These two are the only survivors of twenty that I planted

The ones in pots have done better though. Think I have 19 left out of that batch of 20 

I have had no success in growing tulips in borders, but have lots of them in pots, which ideally should be replaced each year. These are some I got as freebies from GW magazine.


Once again, all lovely Tulips,  but I'm smitten with the open necked white one with a dash of red.  Do you know what it's called Raisingirl ?    

Kitty 2

Beautiful photos from everybody 🌷🌷🌷😊. Giving me lots of ideas for next year.  

I love the mix of dark and pale purple with the white in Patsy's pic 😍 that's a fab colour combo I'd like to try myself.

1Runnybeak1 says:

Once again, all lovely Tulips,  but I'm smitten with the open necked white one with a dash of red.  Do you know what it's called Raisingirl ?    

See original post

It's definitely a clusiana type, I think it was 'Lady Jane'. Peppermint Stick which is similar and which I've also planted is whiter, I think. This one has a slight creaminess to it.

They are very pretty and in the right soil (which I don't have) they will persist quite well because they are a species type. I love the extreme open/close they have. All tulips do that to some extent, of course, but these seem so exuberantly joyful when the sun is on them they make me smile the same way seeing someone else laugh can make you smile.

I may be odd 


All four types flowering away now in the back garden.


Blooming lovely Andy. 

RAISINGIRL.    Thank you.   I will certainly try and get some for next year.  They are gorgeous.   Like birds with their beaks open.    No, you are not odd.  

Thank you Kitty 2.  As I said, they were freebies from GW magazine and there was no indication of what colour each bulb was when they arrived, so I just planted them in various pots - seems to have worked!  There are some beautiful combinations on this thread.  I'd like to be a bit more adventurous with colour combinations next year.  Beaus Mum: yours are quite gorgeous!

These Pink Fancy Frills tulip are really eye-catching, although I'd forgotten about the orange/purple ones I planted last year! 

II'm not so keen on the Black Parrot ones.

Papi Jo

There certainly is a wide variety of colours & shapes in the tulip world...enough to cater for all tastes. Here is my small collection.

Tulipa turkestanica

Tulipa 'Angélique'

Tulipa x 'Finola'


LIZZIE 27.    What a lovely view from your garden.    Your tulips are lovely too. 

PAPI JO.   Little beauties.   Is Finola scented.   I seem to,remember having some like that years ago but they only lasted a couple of springs.     

Here is a group I always forget about as they are late flowering.  Iv no idea what they are called. 

Thanks Runnybeak, the beautiful view is one of the reasons we bought this house.

Those tulips are very striking Papa Jo - does anybody know what they are called?


Papi Jo

@Liz, I've provided the names of my tulips under their photos ! 

No idea what type but i like them 


Papi Jo

@The helpful herpetologist,

Normally I do not like orange flowers (none to be seen in my garden) but I must admit that those orange tulips make a striking sight. Are those Ophiopogon leaves in the background of the first photo?


A couple of species types now fully in bloom:

The second one is 'Little Beauty' and is indeed scneted, Fairy (although you have to get very close!)

And a pot of short doubles I got free:


Mine have opened now too Bob - but I can't get a lot of scent from them. Probably needs to be a bit hotter than it is at the moment. Bit like a hyacinth I'd say.

They're giving me a very warm welcome anyway!

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