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Silver Surfer can you see the pics I have posted above? I had to laugh at you saying we;ve done well to get lovely catkins, the poor thing is more than neglected, completly left to do its own thing for the last 3 years! Its looks fab in winter with xmas lights on it

Also can we move it now, or is it too late for this season?


Yes Olivedog. If you don't move it before the leaves come on it will be harder to keep lively. Hazels do have a big root quite early in life. Try not to damage it.


Hiya, - just nosying in.....Just in front of the Hazel, in the 2nd pic I spotted a long leaf that looks like Carex Pendula !   It has ridges the length of the leaf.  I made the mistake a few years ago of planting this grass, and have rued the day !  It has seeded itself all over the place and has become a nuisance.  I am at the moment pulling seedlings to incinerate..........beware !  The best place for it is the bonfire.

Thanks Sam12, there is a whole load of stuff around it that needs clearing, its about the only stuff the chickens haven't demolished! Will removed asap thanks



Chickens are good !  They are just about the only predators of vine weevil - for a start.....I LIKE chickens.

im panicking now cos we have a twisted willow out the front of our house... didnt realise it was going to get that big argggg... how can we stop it from getting too big?

I was about to ask the same question. I have just bought a twisted willow and googled for information and found this thread..... I'd also like to know if it will it grow in a north facing garden that gets some sun morning and evening?


Sc0tland, welcome, do willows grow anywhere near where you live?

I have also just found this thread having bought a twisted willow (also in scotland) last summer and am now wondering if it is still alive. During the summer the branches started turning black from the tips which eventually spread back. It is potted and has stayed outside in what is a relatively mild winter and I have no idea what to do with it.  Any suggestions?


It's hardy and would be OK outside but black is dead. Have you a photo to show the extent of the black?


Re moving twisted hazel.  I had one as a gift from a friend and when I moved house I decided it had to come with me.  I dug it up and put the root ball in a black plastic bad.  We lost the house we were moving to and the hazel spent 10 weeks in a plastic bag in the middle of summer with me pouring jugs of water into the bag until we moved into a new property.  It suvived and is now growing happily in my new garden 5 years later.  They are sturdy trees.  Hope yours survives.

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