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Cake dude

Hi everyone

Please can you tell me what these hedges are and how tall they grow?




1. is box, (buxus) can with time grow to more than a metre and more.

2. is euonymous, again if left can grow quite large although it does depend on the variety.

Both nice, but patience is required for both to get to any real height.


I thought the second one might be a variegated box but I only got it to enlarge once. When I went for another look it wouldn't

Cake dude
Cheers guys i need something that can grow about 4feet...can these be moved without killing them?

Yes, autumn is a good time



Yes you can move them as long as you keep them watered. Buxus/Box take an age to get to 1 metre.


Could the second one be variegated lonicera, Nut? 

I think they'll both move fine, preferably in early Autumn after thorough watering.


Sorry folks, all answering at once... 


Might be Liri, still can't enlarge for another look


The second one looks like a shrubby honeysuckle. Growing in a circle. Presumably at one time it had a standard rose or such like in the middle. It could do with a good hard trim to get it into shape.


Nut, I managed to download the large photo and make a close-up of the bit at the front.  Does this help?:


Thanks Bob.  It still looks like variegated box to me


Mmm, think you're probably right Nut... 

Cake dude

Wow thanks for all your help guys. i have decided to move some of them to make a boarder else where but not use them to get the 4 foot height i need. 



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