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Hi, i have seen two helli's that i am thinking of ordering, the ashwood black, and the metallic blue from suttons, my question is simple to anyone growing or having grown these, that is, are the adv pics a true reflection of the plants, is the black, black. I like to hold my plants before i buy so any thoughts or recommendations, regards Phil


Personally I dont like the 'black' ones, but having seen some very dark ones at Ashwoods last week, then theirs are a very dark, matt black with an almost purple/burgundy 'tinge' to them in some cases. J.

Pash, intended to buy the black but it wouldn't have flowered until next year. I went for dusky grape with flowers
Ashwoods are lot of their hellebores.
The black? Not many true blacks but I think their black is as near as damnit. I will go for black next year but in 3 litre flowering sze.
Metallic blue from suttons? Pob very small plants.
Look at harvington too....they sell plugs. Have a look

When are we all planting the potatoes that have been chitting in this unusually cold Spring?


Hi, thanks for the replies, lucky that one of the local GCs sells harvingtons, suttons comes in a 9cm pot so???, will be getting the blacks, can live with a "tinge", thanks phil

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