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Two things I can't ID have popped up, hoping you can help.  Thanks. 




 but the colour is completely wrong so I do think it's a bramble.  I have no idea what the first one is, sorry.

I think the second one is a bramble shoot coming through.

Failing that, it might be one of these:



Oh dear, sorry.  The last two lines were supposed to come before the picture. oops


Hello daisy. Yes, the second one is definitely a bramble seedling, dropped by a bird. The first may be an acorn that has lost its jacket.


Hi there, pansyface   Just for information, I went out to the garden after my last post to pull up more of those weeds pictured above.  About halfway through a light bulb went off in my head and it occurred to me that these were hollyhock seedlings from my Chater's Double I grew last year.  I left the seed heads on in the hope it would self-seed.  I've come back in and checked on the internet, and it seems I'm right.  So now I have to let them grow a bit more and then try and pot them all up!

At least I've made a bit of space for the euryops.


You may be right about the acorn,




 How silly of me, sounds like an excuse but I knew I had something on my mind , rushed out and took the wrong photo (true honestly!)

Acorn shell found close by

The other one duly removed, it was this I meant

hmmm, thanks again.



The leaves aren't shiny Dove.  I don't think they're geraniums.....I get most of my weeds from my neighbour's garden and it was puzzling because he doesn't have any of this at all.  But I'm probably wrong - I'll just wait a while longer like most of us do and see what it is.


Not sure what Mrsgarden's mystery plant is though....


No, not geraniums. Not hollyhocks either.

I thought Mrs G's might be a verbena but when enlarged it looks too hairy


I did have some verbena seeds Nut, but didn't think they had made it.

I'll keep an eye on it. Also have other pots with odd things growing in them, will just wait and see. I really thought id done well labelling but when nothing grew I think I must have removed the labels!
Orchid Lady

MrsGarden you do make me smile  At least I know it's not just me that does it 

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