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Wonky has asked me to post these photos ... she rescued these a few months ago ... they were dead sticks ... she cut them back, potted them up and now look at them!!! 

But she doesn't know what they are and I'm not brilliant at shrubs so it's up to you lot to name them... I'm posting them for her to give her carpal tunnel a rest


berberis , of sorts, and maybe myrtle?

Both guesses to be honest.


Whats the matter, wolfie? Didn't your freebie tickets to Wimbledon come through?


The top photo is a wild guess, it looks like a type of Holly. Possibly Ilex Aquifolium, and the second photo looks like an Abelia. Possibly Grandifolia or Schumannii.


Hilarious I'm sure. Don't give up the day job....

Could No 1 be one of the Osmanthus or an Olearia  Dove? 



I've only seen the photos Fairy ... I did wonder about Osmanthus, but as I said,   I'm not great on shrubs 

Thanks Dove for posting  thank you everyone for your suggestions, I've made a note of them and am going to look them up in the RHS book and see if I can pin down a name other than Horatio or Elizabeth 

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