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I don't know the name of either of these bushes.  

The top one with pink flowers is deciduous and we may have just killed it!  It needed to be moved but the roots had gone through the bottom of the barrel — we dug out as much of them as we could.

The lower bush is evergreen and has self-propagated by "layering" its lower branches. I cut off a couple (with some roots) and potted them up three months ago.  They survive so far.



Possibly Wegeila at the top. Could the bottom one be a form of Lonicera?

If I'm wrong (I often am) someone will put you right


The top one is one of the wiegelias, and the bottom one looks like a Euonymus fortunei 

The top one is a variegated Weigela. I've cut one down to bare branches before and it came back but it did take a full year!

It's a deciduous shrub, flowers in May / June, likes full sun and should be pruned after flowering.


The bottom one looks like a Eeuonymus, but not completely sure.



Wegeila, possibly versicolor and are the bottom two the same plant? The left looks like Lonicera ntitida in its 'golden' form and the right looks like either Euonymus or even a Hebe.


The bottom plant is Lonicera nitida baggesons gold.... A fav of mine.



 Verdun.does baggesons gold have variegated leaves?

I agree with Weigelia for 1, are 2 and 3 the same plant?


the bottom 2  don't look the same to me. 

The enlarged one looks like a euonymus. The other one has the shape of the lonicera.

But if they are the same it has to be the euonymus. 

Punkdoc, not really variegated.  New leaves are butter yellow. ,leaves now are olive coloured.  I topiarise mine.....tight pyramids...and the summer growth produces those lovely yellow leaves on arching stems.  

I too think the variegated leaf is that of a euonymous, maybe gaiety. (not a clear pic on  my iPad )  Definitely not lonicera.  So...wegeila,,Lonicera and,euonymous.  


that's how it looks to me, except the post is called 2 unknown bushes, not 3

Oh .I see nut.  you think they are 2 different pictures of same shrub?  

If so its not Baggesons.  Eunymous then. I'll check on desktop later to see if picture is clearer. 



In a rush right now, but the bottom photo taken today is of the same bush. Have added another photo to show the scale of the plant in case it helps.

I don't know wegeilas at all and see they are related to honesuckle.  Fascinating!

Catch up later ... thank you!


I thought the same as Berghill and Verdun. Wiegela for the top shrub - both pix , Lonicera BG for the bottom left pic and Euonymous for the right hand one, but if  the bottom right is a close up of the bottom left shrub I'd say Euonymous.  


Might be a variegated Lonicera nitida, I'm less convinced re the euonymus now. 


The shape of number 2/3 ?? does not look right for Eunonymous. Can you get variegated Lonicera nitida ?



Think you've cracked it Nut, variegated Lonicera Nitida.


Looks like it doesn't it. I think I (and possibly others) misjudged the scale of that last picture at first. I makes the leaves look much bigger than they are. 

Nitida though has small, even tiny, leaves.  

Will check Nut's site.  Not aware of a variegated nitida.  

Oh yes!  There are some variegated versions and it looks like Nut has got the first prize.......again    Lemon Beauty looks good.......may get one