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Hi everyone

I've temporarily planted a sage in a pot with a Senetti until I've found a herb spot for it. When I bought it it was only labelled 'Sage' but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me which Sage it is?  Also, as it is it a good time to use it for cooking or should the flowers be snipped or finished flowering before use?

Any advice very welcome.

Many thanks.


I dont see a sage in that photo. I see a senetti and a phuopsis, neither of which I would use in cooking


That looks more like a thyme -  not a sage.  

Use the leaves for cooking, leave the flowers for the bees then trim the plant back when the flowers are over. 


No sage. No.

I don't know either of these plants. The only phuopsis I know is P. stylosa which isn't there either. 

But, what do I know about tender pot plants Nowt


Maybe a thyme not phuopsis. What do the crushed leaves smell like?



Oh dear, Yarrow, sorry but I agree with everyone else..... not sage.   Not sure what it is - might be thyme although the leaves look a bit chunky for that.  Does it smell like a thyme?



I thought it looked a bit like the prostrate rosemary - although the flowers didn't look quite right - until I enlarged the pic  

Lion S

Could be Satureja montana ? That's what it looks like to me. If you brush with your hand through the plant it should smell a little like Thyme.

@Edd, at second thought I think you're right with it being Thyme 'Jekka'. Judging from the leaves it can't be Satureja.



Oops!  Thanks so much everybody.  It certainly does look like the Jekka Thyme Edd!  Hilarious as it does smell really strongly and when you run your hand over the leaves I had thought it was very like sage stuffing!  But there you go.  I can't tell a Sage from a Thyme.  Big herb learning curve ahead this year I think.

Thank you all.


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