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My umbrella plant is now huge and it has about 3 branches. If I cut off a branch and plant it without a root can it survive?

Any advice appreciated.


If you stick  the umbrella bit upside down in a glass of water it will usually root. But if you only have three stems I would wait until it was a bit thicker.

I'm not sure that 3 branches and huge are the same


I'm not quite sure we are all thinking about the same plantt!! Maybe a picture could be shown?


I'm thinking of Cyperus alternilfolia or involucratus

Apparently the real name is Schefflera and it is a house plant in the conservatory. It is getting too huge for that position, hence the desire to cut off some branches and pot them but will they root OK?


I should have explained it is about 10ft+ tall and has about 3 thick branches whch are between 3ft and 4ft long and would make lovely plants themselves but I'm scared to cut them off as there obviously will be no root.


Sorry I think I was on a different wavelength.  I don't know how to root a schefflera.


If it's this one:

I have just rooted 2 cuttings from one at work which grew too tall.  I just cut leaf-less lengths of stem about 6 inches long and left them for 24h so the ends calloused over then potted them into a 50:50 mix of sand and compost.  They both rooted after a few weeks and are now starting to produce leaves.  Just make sure you pot them the right way up.

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