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Exactly. I collect my own sed heads and nab baragins and cuttings so just some effort required. Will try the dead nettle though as well - will need to purchase it, thanks everyone.

hi, my sons trampoline is 12 feet accross and situated at the bottom of the garden in constant shade from a neighbours 60+ feet high conifers, the soil is bone dry and for the most part baron. but under the trampoline grows a healthy huge swarm of blue flowered perriwinkle which i started from a cutting 4 years ago. its not the fancy variagated type its dark green but its gorgeous.

Will try that then Carole ta. We have loads of variagated periwinkle here so I'll pop some in and see what happens

I cleared the area and have planted lamiums, poppies, ladies's mantle and sown wild flower seeds - we'll wait and see what happens I 'll dig up some periwinkle and pop it in too.

Hi Jarob 24 I love the idea of a living bamboo wig wam. How do you do that and can I start one this time of the year ?



In this Atlantic Trampolines blog article we give some ideas of plants that should grow and prosper under a trampoline

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