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...I'm afraid under achievers don't last long at Jardin Salino....


a very expensive rheum palmatum Ace of Hearts has decided not to show this year.


Victoria sponge yours are medal candidates  


I guess my anemones I 'forgot' to plant last autumn are candidates. It may have had something to do with the fact that I put them in a pot still in their little plastic string bag and for some reason put some compost over them, probably meaning to keep them moist and plant them the next day....had to spend an hour last month disentangling them and separating them from their plastic prison. 

Bit  like Salino.....under achievers do tend to be removed.  Ruthless me!  


grrr as outlined on other thread ranunculus


Picture tells it all



oh well lesley. it's very pretty!


Lesley you get a Gold for that one. Soz but can't help laughing, don't know why I haven't even got any flowers on mine.  


Gold medal here for 15 Anemone de Caen

 Gold for last years honesty, compaired to this years


 Silver for the Gerbera that I so proudly overwintered and have top dressed and fed.

 Bronze for my Meconopsis bought this year and last years's well no medal suitable


 Off to tend my veg they like me more

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