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I have some rosemary plants and their leaves seem to be spotty.

Any idea why this might be ? 

Also I've seen some beautiful flowering rosemary plants, is it a matter of buying a male or female plant with rosemary, sure I've read that somewhere.  None of mine have ever flowered...

 For info the rosemary is in sandy soil, in an east facing bed.

thank you. 


Sticky cards? The link is for nematodes. Am i reading wrong somewhere?

Maybe some sort of fungal disease? It has been a very wet and windy winter. Sorry I can't help further other to say that if you buy a new plant try and grow it in a south facing place as they love lots of sun.

Yes I think the wet weather has taken a toll on your rosemary Peanuts.  Just too much for too long.  Hopefully dry sunny weather will change it's fortunes.  We will all see a casualty or two because of the constant rain over winter. 

You won't need male and female rosemary  but there are some  very good cultivars out there ...Severn Sea has bright blue flowers, for example, so you dont have to put up with those old insipid flowers we all often see.  I grow Severn sea plus another that I had cuttings from and they look good as flowering plants.

Ooh thank you, wasn't expecting something like that.  It ruined the mint in the same bed last year.  So maybe nematodes are the best solution do you think ? It is the perfect place for containing mint, so would like to be able to use that bed again. 

hmm, learn something new every day with gardening...


Anyone know if I planted something different would the thrips just die off or do I just have to clear the soil or them?  as you say edd, could be an expensive exercise... 

If I was to clear the bed, would this be an option ? Might be cheaper to buy new plants in a months time than a months worth of nematodes ? Only has rosemary and mint in it currently. 

Interesting answers as I have the same problem with my rosemary - however mine has been flowering like mad since mid February!

Still feel it best to wait a while for weather to warm up and then assess rosemary.  Such prolonged wet weather has affected many plants this year.  

Unfortunately Verdun, they were looking like that at the end of last summer too, and the mint was wrecked, so I'm thinking it was something going on last year.  Now I just need to find the right nematodes.  Any ideas where to get them and how much ?

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