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Unidentified autumn flowering deciduous tree

A small tree with masses of bright pink flowers with orange centres, found on a Warwickshire walk

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Please can anyone identify this tree/shrub



At the risk of sounding boring-a picture paints a thousand words

Any chance?

If only.  I simply can't get the image upload feature to work.


Can you upload it to an external site and use that as a link?


Thank you. Here is another image and hopefully I have made this one clickable. As you can tell, I am new to this forum!

Close up image

Jean Genie

It's not some form of Calliparca is it ?   I'm probally wrong as they usually have purple berries but the leaves look similar.


It's a euonymus. Hard to say which one, there are a lot. Euonymus europaeus is the spindle berry, a native hedgerow shrub, E. alatus is grown a lot in gardens, brilliant autumn colour as well as the berries. But there are lots more.

Jean Genie

Its a lovely shrub. the birds will have a right old feast on that  I have an Alatus but have yet to see a berry on mine . It's colouring up nicely at the moment .  Maybe I'll get some berries one day.


I have an unidentified one. It's very slow growing, but I am getting some berries now. It looks as though it will be tree rather than shrub, it's about 10 years from seed and still a single stem with not much side growth- time will tell.


Thank you everybody.  I'll go with "Euonymus europaeus is the spindle berry, a native hedgerow shrub" as this looks spot on.  Just need to find a nursery who has one.


Easy enough to buy come spring. I'd be inclined to wait now till then, as ground is getting cold for new planting - though much depends upon where you live and how sheltered your garden is.   I have had one of these in a large pot for about 6 years, probably more as time gets away from me!, it is lovely just now, bright red leaves, begnning to fall now, and very clear 'spindles' on the branches.  It lives ina pot because the border where it is is full of very old hard tree roots and cannot be dug into, it seems quite happy there. 


Why not go and take some of the orange seed? Sow them now and they germinate in Spring. I have a hedge of them grown from seed like that. We even got an album form too.


flowering rose

yes thats it a spindle tree,saw it on gardners world!




It could well be the variety 'Red Cascade', it looks much like the one I have in my garden.  Mine's about 8ft tall now and looks great with the Dogwood 'Midwinter Fire'.

Autumn has such great colours, if only for a short while.

Great picture!


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