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Hi, can anyone tell me what this bulb is, it must be a flower because I planted it! The bulb is small but the dark green leaves are 2 foot long and very grass like.There is a thickening on the  bulb on the left, maybe the flowers come from that!

I have never had any flowers off it ,perhaps it doesn't like where it is in the garden.



Any smell of onion about the leaves shadowflo?

It does remarkably look like a Spring Onion! I think Nutcutlet has the right idea.

Taste a bit of it to make your `Differential Diagnosis` - yes, I am a retired Medic!

looks a bit like Chives to me, mine too a couple of years to flower and yes they would smell like mild onion.


There are those other tallish alliums with nothing much up top as well. reddish colour. and lots of them will seed around to make initially non flowering plants. I wonder how many of them are edible. 




It looks like chive but i have never had any that are 2ft high.


We have had tall chives where the bed got rather overshadowed.  Either way, I agree that this is surely an allium of some sort, whether edible or ornamental will need to be seen - the drumstick types may be around that size now? 


Looks like chives or some other kind of allium to me too.

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