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hi, i have a very tall plant, about 5 ft, it has a thick stem with many fonds of leaves that look like maiden head fern leaves and along these are clusters of very delicate purple flowes. i dont know the name of the plant even though i planted it myself last year as a very small plant. the main problem is what to do with it now it has finished flowering and what is its name help please


Did you take a photo pam? Could be a thalictrum but the description could be something else


Sounds like Thalictrum to me.


Have a look at Thalictrum delavayi and see if that matches if you can't load a photo.

well done! i googled thalictrum and it is the delavayi, how did you know? do you have one and do you know what to do with it now its finished flowering? thanks



I let it form seed because it doesn't last long as a plant. In later years the seedlings take over.


Ive got one Pam and I let it go to seed then give it a good shake and cut it down sometime during  autumn usually.

thanks everyone, i'll see how it gets on nexy year


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