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I'm sure I'm being dull, but I've searched my books and can't find out what this plant is - can anyone help please?


Yes, it can be a bit frustrating when you don't know what you have in your garden (especially if you have not long moved in). I will try and help though. What month was this photo taken?

It is a hypericum, possibly hypericum inodorum, which is otherwise known as St John's Wort. Grows wild in my garden. Well, everything does really.


yes its a hypericum....



Thanks everyone! Of course it is - it's obvious now I know

Definitely a hypericum - St. John's Wort.  Watch it - once you've got it, it pops up everywhere!  very pretty, though, in the right place! Enjoy!


Thanks Brenda - appreciated. I think I'll keep it in a pot!

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