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This has been posted on a facebook gardening group, it looks like something I've seen growing at Arley Hall and Gardens. I can't remember the name. Do you have any idea? Thanks

What a strange one, never seen anything like it! Is the pic from the uk?

Is it that hardy Begonia thing?


Yes it's in the uk

I think this will be one for Dove maybe


Its growing like a mullein, but ive never seen one like that!

Not the hardy begonia thing if you mean evansiana Berghill. That hasn't got a fur coat


I know I've seen it before - furry stems and all - but where ...... where..........where 

Thinking hat on ...........................................


Annoying but I too have seen it before, but the name escapes me. By the way there are Begonias with red hairy stems, but I think the leaves are bigger and redder than on the shown plant.

Dove.......if that is Vitis C. then we were discussing the wrong plant on the Russian Vine fault.......I need to look up  the name of the one I was talking about.......hope that makes sense

The one shown above if a climber........not a Kiwi or related......Akebia ?  Probably not tho as someone would have known it I suspect


I'm not at all sure about it Philippa, but the shape and texture of the leaves and the furry stems remind me of one that grows in a park up the road from our old home ....... 

 like this one - I remember seeing new shoots one spring and being surprised by how sturdy and furry they were - but whether they looked exactly like the new shoot in the OPs photo I can't remember - it was a long time ago ..................... 

Dove......know what you mean......annoying isn't it when you "know" it but don't know it....if you see what I mean

Looking at the pic, shape and colour of leaves plus furry stem..... I still say some sort of Kiwi ..........Quintata has green/ pink/white leaves but I thought the leaves were" thinner"... looks too "furry" for that one .

Kiwis always sound exotic for here but they do quite well.......maybe we are just assuming it can't be that ? 

If the OP posts a picture when it is flowering (if it does ) that might help.

Just re reading Fleurisa's op, it is apparently growing in Arley Hall Gardens (?)...

perhaps she could just contact them and ask......and then remember to tell us....put us all out of our misery ?  I know we all like a challenge but..............



Here are a couple of photo's I just took of my Kiwis - grown from supermarket fruit.  They have never flowered but I grow them for the red shoots and furry leaves.  They grow very rapidly though (can be a bit of a thug) and are prone to late frosts.  When they get damaged I just cut off all affected leaves and shoots and they re-shoot within days:



Yes, I think unless we hear to the contrary from the OP, a Kiwi is the best bet

gardenning granny

definitely a kiwi and it will have lovely creamy white scented flowers, you lucky thing - I lost mine when I had a garden room added to the house, but it had covered a pergola before then and the scent was woth having even if the fruit were only tiny....the stems will be very brittke so take care if you want to tie it in

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